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October 4, 2019


PDF including list of speakers and panelists, descriptions of workshops, and list of sponsors.

PEAS Conference Press Advisory

WORCESTER, Mass. (Sept. 29) – Educators from throughout Massachusetts will convene at Worcester State University on Oct. 4 for a day-long conference to address equity for Latinx students. The conference, In Pursuit of Equity, Accountability and Success: Latinx Students in Massachusetts Schools (PEAS) will feature opening remarks from Massachusetts Department of Education Commissioner Carlos Santiago, Worcester State President Barry M. Maloney, and President and CEO of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Marco Davis. Each speaker will bring their unique perspective and urgency facing Latinx students, the state’s largest growing population. According to a Massachusetts Department of Higher Education report, nearly one in four graduating high school students in the state will be Latinx by the year 2032. Preparing for this workforce with training, skills and education is a priority.  
“Representing the only growth sector of the Massachusetts population, our Latinx students make vital contribution to our schools, colleges and universities,” said Carlos E. Santiago, Commissioner of Higher Education. “At the same time, our data show that too few Latinx students are graduating with degrees and certificates needed to compete for high-skilled jobs. We owe them every opportunity to succeed and I applaud the organizers of this conference for putting the spotlight on the need to address racial disparities.”   
Attendees will attend workshops and engage with local, state and national leaders versed in research, strategy and programming that impacts Latinx students from pre-K through college that includes private universities. 
"It is fitting to hold this conference at Worcester State, in the year that we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Latino Education Institute. We will be sharing university best practices in promoting Latinx achievement, and we hope to learn from those attending.  I am grateful to Commissioner Santiago for setting before us a challenge the public campuses can unite behind: enhancing the economic and social mobility of Massachusetts residents who have been historically underserved," stated Barry M. Maloney, president of Worcester State University. 
The PEAS Conference begins at 9:45 a.m. with opening remarks followed by break-out sessions and workshops, success stories and next steps. Lunch is included. Worcester State University is located at 486 Chandler Street in Worcester. Additional information about the PEAS Conference can be found at 
Lead organizer of the PEAS conference is the Latin Education Institute | Worcester State University. LEI has been a driving force for Latino students in Central Massachusetts with programming and services to improve the academic achievement and well-being students (grades K-16) and their families. LEI started in Worcester in 1999 and has expanded into Springfield, Mass. Additional information has can found at   
American Student Assistance (ASA) is the lead sponsor of the PEAS Conference. ASA has been a an organization that provides unique financial business tools and services to college students and their families more than 60 years, helping them to make informed decisions for their education and career goals.  More information can be found at 

PEAS Symposium: Role of Leadership in Promoting Equity & Countering Racial Inequality in Education
Worcester State University

PEAS Symposium: Role of Leadership in Promoting Equity & Countering Racial Inequality in Education

PEAS Symposium: Role of Leadership in Promoting Equity & Countering Racial Inequality in Education

PEAS Symposium: How is Massachusetts Meeting the Call for Equity?

PEAS Symposium: Opening Remarks & Equity, Accountability, and Success

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