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Equity, accountability, & racial justice for all Latinx students in Massachusetts


Our mission is to work toward equitable and accountable education systems, institutions, and leadership to ensure student success.  We are committed to centering the Latinx student experience to shape, unite, and guide systemic change.


The In Pursuit of Equity, Accountability, and Success (PEAS) Initiative was formed in response to the Department of Higher Education’s Equity Agenda and the growing urgent recognition that Massachusetts will not be able to maintain its economic prosperity or position as the most educated state in the country unless systemic inequities are dismantled for Latinx students.   Simply put, it is untenable and unacceptable for only 22% of Latino males to graduate from college in a state where Latinx students are the largest population in most Gateway City school systems. We are motivated by the wealth of knowledge, language, culture, relationships and experiences within the Latinx community and seek to build on these assets as part of the solution to addressing disparate educational outcomes.

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